Data processing agreements


I wanted to ask whether circleci provides data processing agreement documents, ideally in an eletric form. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find them on the website or support page so far.

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Peter Juras.

Can you be specific about what your specific aim is here? For example, are you wanting to comply with GDPR?

Thanks for the quick reply.

We need the data processing agreement to comply with GDPR.

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I am not familiar with the legal requirements here, but can you expand on what this would contain?

(I am a CircleCI user, and I’m in Europe, but I don’t know what a data processing agreement is. :smile_cat: )

A data processing agreement regulagtes how a company, well, processes the data it has been given.
E.g.: This is Slack’s DPA -

However: Apparently not every service has or needs a DPA. Some incorporate this stuff into their T&Cs as well as their regular privacy policy.

I am not a legal pro, that’s why I’m asking how this is handeled here.

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