Customize the commit message pattern that skips build

I would like to have the ability to customize the commit message pattern that would skip the build. I see that other people want that too. Here: Adding `[circle skip]` to commit message to skip for example (by @jakirkham), but the issue/feature request has been closed without an answer on whether it would be implemented or not.

Any idea?

@CircleCI Please stop closing threads! That really grinds my gears

@pmatsinopoulos1 I’ve reopened that thread. It’s being tracked internally and I’ve asked for an update.

@christianhaller3000 The topic auto-closed after 5 months of no activity, it wasn’t closed by a human. I understand the frustration, I’m looking to find a way to disable the auto-close but I’m not locating that setting. I may have to set it to something like 2-3 years, but I have a support ticket into the Discourse support board.