Curl SFTP support


As part of our build process, we are finishing up by deploying to our production server using SFTP, which works great on our local machines.

The problem is, the version of Curl included with the 2 versions of Ubuntu that CircleCI offers is missing SFTP support. After searching online, it turns out the best way to add the support is to recompile Curl from source to add it. This means that we have to recompile curl at the beginning of every build. Not great…

So, my question, is there a way to prevent having to rebuild from source every time? Or is there a precompiled version floating around that has SFTP built in that we can just install?

Many thanks!

Curious, could you just use the sftp command directly without having to use cURL? By default cURL doesn’t have SFTP support.

If you still want to use cURL, I would suggest having it compiled in your dependencies phase so that you can then cache the resulting binary. This way cURL won’t have to be built on every build.