Build directory for scp deployment



Hi - this is a basic question, but I’m confused as to the source folder to use for deploying to another server over SSH (scp, rsync, etc). I’ve tried the working_directory from my build, I’ve tried ~/repo_name and several other variations but without any luck.

I am just attempting to build the circleci-demo-php-laravel demo as a test.

Thanks for any help.

Here’s the deploy step I’m hung up on.

  • run:
    name: Deploy Over SSH
    command: scp -r {BUILD_DIR}


Am I under a basic misunderstanding of how build and deploy are connected? Are the build files being removed before the deploy process starts?

Using Gitlab at work, we normally do the full build then use rsync to put the distribution code into the directory where it needs to be. Maybe that’s not the case with CircleCI?


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