Build fails because Node version change / recompile manually via SSH works fine


I use CircleCI to test the build process of my blog which is running metalsmith, a static site generator.

Some hours ago, I decided to add some modules, commited and pushed the changes to GitHub and realized that CircleCI was using an older Node version than I was using locally, thus failed to build the project (build #72). A quick peek into the docs revealed that this is easy fixable by setting the Node version accordingly in the the circle.yml file (which I wasn’t using at all before that).

Then I pushed the update and noticed that now the build fails because Grunt and Bower was not globally available, easy fixed by installing those via pre commands (build #74 *).

Now the actual problem: I pushed the updated environment and now the build fails once again because apparently the libsass binding was not found (build #84 *). The error message also mentioned that this “usually happens because your node version has changed” and that I should try to recompile manually using $ npm rebuild node-sass. Because you guys provide the option to SSH into the test box and debug manually, I did exactly that and ran the command: no problems. Even running grunt (the actual test command) worked just fine.

Because that feels like a caching issue, I decided to “Rebuild without cache” but for some reasons it fails at a completely different package when trying this: build #85

Unfortunately I can’t SSH into “cacheless builds” to try recompiling said module manually.

Can anyone shed some light into this?

Thanks in advance!

Edit: Nevermind, Build #85 is actually the fixed one, not sure why it works now. But apparently hitting “Rebuild without cache” several times works wonders. :smile: — Issue fixed!

* Since new Discuss users can’t add more than two links, I had to remove some of them - you need to manually navigate to the web pages.

Sometimes the cache gets corrupted and causes weird issues like this. :confused:

You can rebuild without cache, and if that does not help we can flush the cache for you (the ability to do it yourself is coming soon, currently in beta!)

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This sounds like a great solution for this problem. I was even looking for something like this in the settings, but didn’t find anything :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the quick reply.

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If you wanna play with it now, just let me know what your GitHub org name is and I will add you to the beta. :slight_smile:

I just use my personal account (frdmn) at the moment - no organizations in use yet. Does that work too?

Yep! Sorry for the confusion a user account is also an “org” in GitHub + CircleCI lingo. Just enabled it, you should see this setting in project settings for any project now!

For instance:

Let me know how it goes.

Seems to work like a charm. Thanks for the invite! :thumbsup:

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