Create two separate accounts for the same GitHub org?



Hi there,

As a mobile dev agency, we would like to use CircleCI for a client’s project. Our code is hosted under the client’s GitHub org. This client already has a CircleCI account, but for some reason unknown to me we cannot use their CircleCI account.

Is it possible to create a new CircleCI account that would be also linked to their GitHub org and build our code from our project?



If they’re not using the account we can remove it so that you can recreate the account in order to add your project.

Please contact and we’ll try to figure this out.


Actually they are. But for some (As I said, unknown to me) reasons, we can’t use it.

Maybe they are afraid that we will be able to see their other repos? I recall that in CircleCi a user can only see the repos that he has access to on GitHub, not all repos from the org. Can you confirm that please?

Thank you zzak

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