Create/Follow Project v2 API endpoint now in open preview

In our ongoing effort to support valuable automation and integration use cases, and improve our public API, we’ve recently released the Create/Follow Project API v2 endpoint.

This v2 API endpoint allows you to create a new CircleCI project, and returns a list of the default advanced settings. It can also be used to follow a new project. CircleCI will then monitor the project for automatic building of commits.

This endpoint is especially useful for those wanting to incorporate the creation of CircleCI projects into your automated processes for creating new software projects.

This endpoint can only be called on a repo with a main branch and an existing config.yml file.

This endpoint is currently only available for classic GitHub Oauth or BitBucket type projects. See our community forum for more.

Note: This endpoint is currently labeled as “experimental”, which means it can change at any time. It is not advised to use in production because of this reason.

For the API specifications, read our docs.

We’d love to hear from you! If you have questions or feedback please let us know below.

Hello Olaf,

I added much the same comment on this Canny request:

It would be great if CircleCI were to commit to maintaining a canonical Golang client that would march in lockstep with API availability to reduce toil and code duplication across all customers.

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thanks for your feedback @evilensky!