Use project api token for project specific api v2 endpoints?


I have created 2 API tokens. One personal api token and one project specific api token. I expected the project api token to work for endpoints which are all considered to the same project slug like:

GET /project/{project-slug}

Am I missing something or is the project token not working for those endpoints because while using a personal api token it works.

Is there anything I can do to prevent exposing my full account for just one project?

Hi @Apisan,

You did not miss anything. Project tokens are currently not supported on API v2. You can use the CircleCI V1 API with a project token. Additionally, you can set the scope (“Status”, “Build artifacts” or “All”) of the Project API Token when you are creating it.

Hi @Henna,

thanks for your reply. I need to use the API v2 for triggering and set pipeline variables which is not possible with v1. So for now I will probably use the personal api token, in the hope that it is soon possible to restrict a new token for restricted access.

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