Convenience Images Update: Removing Hardcoded Postgres User

To accommodate upstream changes to the Docker Library Postgres images that we extend in our circleci/postgres Docker Hub repository, we are removing hardcoded references to a POSTGRES_USER in the Dockerfiles for our Postgres images.

For further context, from @FelicianoTech’s earlier post:

The Problem

Most of the CircleCI Docker Convenience Images are small CI tweaks we apply to the upstream Docker Library images. So the circleci/postgres image is based on the postgres image.

4 days ago the upstream maintainers made a small tweak to the image so that the postgres role/user is only created when the POSTGRES_USER is not set. So of course, we set it to root . This has caused circleci/postgres images built within the last few days to no longer have the postgres role.

Thus, to avoid further confusion, we have removed the root user entirely. Once this publish_postgres job completes, the postgres role/user should again be created automatically in our Postgres images—or you can use @FelicianoTech’s second solution from the previously mentioned post:

Set the POSTGRES_USER environment variable in your CircleCI config to postgres and you’ll get the role back in the image as it was before. This would be done something like this:

      - image: circleci/postgres:9.6-alpine
          POSTGRES_USER: postgres

In the longer-term, we plan to build these images entirely from scratch, to avoid the mutability of extending a community image.


Hi @rose and @FelicianoTech - thank you for the communication!

If you wish to maintain you own images, that seems like a reasonable approach. However, I also think you might want to investigate your release process for new images. Even if you were to maintain your own image, it’s possible you could ship a change that breaks lots of users in a similar manner.

A few areas to consider:

  • might you be able to “rollback” in similar problem scenario, rather than applying a partial hotfix?
  • might there be testing you could do before pulling in latest master from upstream (Postgres/etc)?
  • might you somehow incrementally/canary deploy similar changes, so that not all users get impacted at once?

Thanks for all the great work you do and for the speedy response and communications here.



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