Context deadline exceeded

Hi, one of our builds that is running on CircleCI is failing with the message around the 1 hour mark

Upgrade your pricing plan to take advantage of longer build times

context deadline exceeded

We are using the free tier. I am assuming this is because we have exceeded our usage quota, but just wanted to confirm that is the case.

Hi @ryanjbaxter,

Happy to clarify here, that limit is actually not based on usage and is tied to the plan level, so the free tier has a hard timeout limit of 1 hour, we have some details here:

There are some options outlined in the above article for working around this limit, but a plan upgrade will also allow access to longer build timeouts. Specifically free is 1 hour, Performance plan will be 3 hours, and Scale will be 5 hours:

I hope the above helps clarify and please let me know if I can assist with anything else!


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