[Container Agent] Failed to copy circleci-agent into container "primary"

Yesterday I had a working container with the image cimg/deploy:2022.09 and today all containers give this error.

I’am running circleci/container-agent:1.0.17278-5c2bd95.

could not start task: failed to copy circleci-agent into container "primary", Error: error executing command /bin/sh -c cat > $HOME/circleci-agent : error executing command /bin/sh -c cat > $HOME/circleci-agent : command terminated with exit code 2

It looks like either a user/id error or something has changed with our permissions.

@petermein Taking a look with the team. I’ll report back when I have more. Can you share the version of container-agent you’re using please? It should be on the Self-hosted Runner Inventory screen from the left-hand nav of the CircleCI application

@petermein Actually, ignore me. I don’t need the version I see it in the output. We’re still taking a look.

One small, thing is there any way you can try downloading the latest helm chart from the new location and seeing if you’re still experiencing this issue? I don’t see any reason why that would be the cause but it’s one thing we can rule out.

the location with packagecloud is the new helm hosting location.

Can you also share a build link if possible? Feel free to send via direct message if you prefer.

@sebastian-lerner the issue was that we had a custom runAsUser value which I guess was required for us to run the container agent previously.

            runAsUser: 1000

Completely removing this resolved the issue.

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