Connect via VNC to macOS to see iOS Simulator

I’m trying to debug UI tests randomly failing, but I’m unable to login with the user “distiller” which is running Xcode and the UI tests. I’m able to connect via VNC, but since I can’t change the distiller password with the command “sudo passwd distiller” I’m unable to login.
Is there a way to find the current distiller password or to configure it in the .circleci.yml?

Hi @lm2s!

We actually have an article on this process here:

Likely you are using a version later than 10.2.0 for your Xcode image, in which case you will need to set a new user to utilize during the VNC process.

To mitigate this, you can create a new user account, and use the credentials of that new account instead of the " distiller " account for VNC login.

For example, the following command will create a user " vncuser ":

sudo /usr/sbin/sysadminctl -addUser vncuser -fullName "VNC User" -password <password> -admin

Hope that helps!