Compiling go binary for MacOS creates invalid executable

I’m building a go project for multiple platforms in CircleCI, my Linux (Intel and ARM), and Windows jobs all create usable binaries as output, however when compiling for MacOS (darwin), an invalid binary is generated. The job executes without error, but when I download the resulting binary and attempt to run it on a Mac system, it immediately dies with Killed 9, no other output or core dump available.

Performing the same steps as the CircleCI job on my local Linux system generates a valid executable for the Mac.

If it helps, here’s the setup:
Orb: go 1.5.0
Executor: go/default Version: 1.16
Link to particular section in config.yml: aws-runas/config.yml at develop/3.0 · mmmorris1975/aws-runas · GitHub
Link to CircleCI workflow execution:

Not sure if there’s something I’m missing, or I’ve found an issue in CircleCI, or maybe I just need to move the Mac stuff over to a Mac executor.