CircleCI won't trigger pipeline for PRs from forks

Hi there,

We have an open-source project connected to CircleCI, which is running our lint and test suites.

Unfortunately I’m unable to get it to run this pipeline for external pull requests, despite having the “run for forks” option enabled. I do not have the “pass secrets” option enabled because no secrets are required to run them. It also seems to be impossible to manually trigger the job in circleci, either via the UI or the CLI.

Here’s a sample PR with the issue:

I’m not sure how many other PRs had the same issue, but I have seen it before with this project.

I don’t know if it’s a related symptom, but whenever a new commit is added to this PR I get the github “Approve and run” button for first time contributors, even though I’ve authorised it previously, and hitting the button does nothing, I guess that’s more related to the github-triggered checks like brakeman?

Any help getting the circleci job to run on forked PRs would be of great help, as they make up the majority of PRs for this project.

Many thanks,