CircleCI not running as build check on open source project

I’m trying to get CircleCI build the pull request on an open source project I’m developing on.
I have the configuration setup:

The webook is setup too, and PR are one of the events triggering the requests.
And yet, the build does not show up among the build checks, while Travis and AppVeyor work regularly, here is a random example:

The Circle CI checks shows up every now and then only, mostly on my PRs, while I would like it to work for anyone’s PRs instead, and systematically. What am I missing?

Hi @aaime, welcome to the CircleCI Community! Can you or an organization admin for geotools confirm a few troubleshooting steps:

  1. Are you following a fork of geotools/geotools on your own CircleCI account, i.e. yourGHusername/geotools? If so please unfollow the project on your account and trigger a new commit.
  2. You did mention webhooks are present, but can you confirm the payload is sending a 200 message? This could be an issue with a stale webhook or GitHub’s rate limiting (
  3. In your repo’s advanced settings (, confirm whether the setting Build forked pull requests is On or Off.
  4. Also in your repo’s advanced settings, confirm whether GitHub Status updates is On or Off.
  5. From your org-level settings ( confirm GitHub Checks is set up and the repo geotools/geotools is listed.
  6. Was there a recent change in the organization’s name, repo name or your username?

If you are still having issues, you can submit a ticket to Support with more specific information including your GitHub username, webhook details and other information that might be relevant so we can get to the bottom of this.

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