CircleCI modifying $PATH of the docker image

I have a docker image called android-ci. It contains a tool called kscript which allows us to run Kotlin Scripts in command line.

Another docker image I have that is called flutter-ci is built on top of android-ci and this is what we use for our builds in the Circle.

The problem I am facing is that the containers in Circle are not picking up this dependency correctly and I am not able to run kscript at all.

Here is the command I try to execute:

cd $ANDROID_ROOT && kscript scripts/ci/failed_tests_reporter.kts

this is the output

/bin/bash: line 1: kscript: command not found

When I run the container on my machine with the same image, I am able to run kscript. In fact, if I ssh into the machine in circle, I am able to execute kscript.

It looks like something is wrong with the $PATH variable.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.