Add /home/circleci/.local/bin to PATH for --user installs on Python images

When installing packages on the circleci/python:3.7.4 image using the --user flag, I recieve the following error:

WARNING: The scripts py.test and pytest are installed in '/home/circleci/.local/bin' which is not on PATH.

I then can not use the pytest command in my next step. Please consider adding the local bin to PATH so that user local installs of python packages work correctly. Thanks in advance.

As an aside, links to the CircleCI 2.0 forum, which is locked. :slight_smile:

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Hey @drazisil,

These kinds of requests are best as GitHub Issues. I created one for you:

Doing some research, this makes plenty of sense to me. Here’s a resource for example:

Also, we’ll get Docker Hub updated, thanks.

@drazisil This change is available in staging and will be in production within a week or so.

Now available.