CircleCI incorrectly complains about missing config.yml

CircleCI started complaining about a missing config.yml, and consequently stopped building, while that config.yml is there and the same branch was built successfully yesterday.

Config: quality-time/config.yml at 3085-gatling-slow-transactions · ICTU/quality-time · GitHub

Clicking the “Add config” button and then telling the app that the config.yml is already there didn’t help.

Please advice.

Clicking one of the “build error” links shows:

  • We have detected an anomaly that violates the CircleCI Terms of Service.
  • We did not test this push because the project has been suspended. Please contact us if you think this is a mistake.

So that clears up why the project is not building. Too bad the initial error message is so misleading.

Hi @fniessink,

I saw that you created a Support ticket, and that one of my colleagues solved this issue for you.

For anyone encountering a similar situation, please create a Support ticket so we can assist you.

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