CircleCI Convenience Images — Postgres image lacks extensions

I posted in the following Issue, but I wasn’t 100% certain where to post this. So I apologize if this is not the right avenue.

It seems the new postgres convenience images do not come with certain extensions which were present in the deprecated postgres images. The Github Issue mentioned before details some of the extensions not included (UUID, CITEXT).

Are there plans on including these extensions as part of the image? And if not, what is the best method to get these extensions into the CircleCI work flow?

Edit: Reviewing our schema we are using the following extensions. I can’t confirm that these are missing with the image, but if no extensions are included then it implies all of these are not part of the image:

  • citext
  • fuzzystrmatch
  • pg_stat_statements
  • pg_trgm
  • pgcrypto
  • plpgsql

Just want to follow up that the issue has been resolved in the following pull request

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