CircleCI accidentaly removed a circleci/mongo:3.5.6 tag?


we were relying on docker image circleci/mongo:3.5.6 in our configuration. Today CircleCI started to report that

Starting container circleci/mongo:3.5.6
image cache not found on this host, downloading circleci/mongo:3.5.6

Error response from daemon: manifest for circleci/mongo:3.5.6 not found

I cannot find the tag in CircleCI’s docker tags anymore. I believe that you accidentally removed the tag and you should return it back because other people may rely on the tag too. You’re even recommending this in your best practices for docker images:

It is best practice to lock down aspects of your build container, by specifying an additional tag to pin down the image in your configuration.

We are fine, we updated to version 3.5.13.

Hi @zatziky, CircleCI images are extensions of the official Docker images. I am no longer finding 3.5.6 on Mongo’s repo. Are you able to pin a sha that was used on a previously successful build?

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The SHA of Mongo 3.5.6. is


It happened on this private CCI.

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