Image cache not found on this host(php)


Hi guys,

Suddenly, today my project has stopped building, at the step “Spin up Environment” I get an error of the form:

Build-agent version 0.1.257-4fbba101 (2018-08-13T19:33:53+0000)
Starting container circleci/php:5.6.36-node-browsers
  image cache not found on this host, downloading circleci/php:5.6.36-node-browsers

Error response from daemon: manifest for circleci/php:5.6.36-node-browsers not found

Can anyone help me with that please?

P.S. It worked yesterday.


As turned out docker has no longer has php:5.6.36 image.

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As a quick follow-up, we should still have circleci/php:5.6.37 available for use.


So, this raises a question for me that we might hit when utilising CircleCI provided images as well. What’s the notification process to be informed that a version like this is being removed? I can see that all new images were pushed to docker hub 7 hours ago.

Also, this php repo is missing its description.


We’re still working in this issue, but we didn’t necessarily intend to remove the image, so apologies for the inconvenience – we’ll most likely have it restored today. In the meantime hopefully the 5.6.37 image will keep you unblocked until then.


Got it @Cormac, thanks, good to know.


We’re still working on this issue (the thread about android images under build environment is related) – I’ve checked some other tags in the meantime and the follow 5.6.36 tags should be pullable:


You can also query the docker API to pull tags – the command I used was:

curl "" | jq -r '.[].name' | grep "5.6.36" | grep node | grep browsers

The strangeness, of course, is that the tags are visible but not all images are available to pull via the tags. More will become available as we work on the problem – I believe only -browsers variants should still be affected.

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