Circle builds project as workflow - even if no workflow definition present in config.yml

We have a project which circle builds as a workflow. Even though no workflow definition is specified in the circle config yml file.

Tried removing and readding the project but it did not help.

The config.yml in our code does not have workflow section, however the config which the circle shows under the configuration tab shows the workflow definition at the end.

The configuration tab in circle shows the config with workflow as below

  version: 2
    - build:

However we dont have that in code.
Any idea whats going on here ?

All new projects run as a workflow if one is not specified. This is because Build Processing is enabled by default for all new projects. You can read more about it here.

This to help surface config errors, and enable access to new features.

The project has .circleci/config.yml in master branch. And still it tries to build the master branch as workflow on subsequent builds. after setting up the project on circle.

Alright, looks like when build processing is disabled from advanced setting, it works.

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FYI, later this year we’ll be making it so that all projects run through build processing, at which point all jobs will run in a workflow. Curious: was this a problem for you?

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