Repo X 'has no workflows configured'

The post title is the message I see when looking at the ‘workflows’ section of the ui having added my fork of a project which already has a working v2 config. Why is the config’s ‘workflows:’ section not used / or ignored?

Builds fail with:

  • Cannot find a job named build to run in the jobs: section of your configuration file.
    If you expected a workflow to run, check your config contains a top-level key called ‘workflows:’

but then clearly visible under the online UI’s configuration tab for the failed build is:

   version: 2

…so it appears to using the expected config.yml at least, just ‘ignoring’ this part.

Again, this config is in a fork of an established os project where the workflows appear to be working just fine, so why not in my repo I wonder? Any ideas please?


I believe that I may have been hitting the following ‘bug’/issue:


In spite of having seen that report, and taking action (e.g. disabling adblock), nothing appeared to change. Several days on however (and an accidental Firefox browser restart later), the ‘Workflows’ section now (correctly?!) populates with something useful and re-running the builds from there has allowed me to progress.

I’d guess that some Firefox cache path wasn’t cleared… although I could have sworn I’d Ctrl-F5ed the page (maybe that shortcut is changed …or rather it’s just ineffective!)

I have this problem now. I copy the working .circleci/config.yml from the working ruby example at for sequential workflow from I didn’t change a single thing happy that the compile wouldn’t build my app I was simply struggling to get any workflows running. It shows me “repo x has no workflows configured”.

I don’t think its an ad-blocker problem as everything looks the same on two different browsers and if I fork that ruby example it works fine.

this was a newbie error that my file was named “config.yaml” so was being ignored and the jobs being built were due to circleci1.0 defaults. When I renamed to “config.yml” the workflow appeared.

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