Change to login credentials coming April 16th

Hello Community Members!

We have some exciting news to share about changes to the CircleCI Discuss Community platform.

Starting on April 16, we’re giving Discuss a new look and feel. This will be the last post in this format.

When logging into, everyone should expect to change their password. If you have accessed the Discuss Community in the past 24 months, your login email address will be the same and you will only need to select Forgot Password to establish new credentials. If you haven’t been here in awhile, over 24 months, you will create new login credentials.

Once you login after April 16, you can expect to learn more about the improvements we are making to Discuss.

Is this related to why I just received an email notification for every reply to every thread I’ve participated in in here since I joined?

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It seems so as I received 70-odd notifications, all with links to the new forum software.