Change org name?

If I go to Org settings I see “Organization Name” and there is no way to change it. I saw some docs that this comes from your source control system, which in my case is BitBucket. However, when I go to BitBucket the org name does not match what is shown in CircleCI.

How do I change the organization name?

edit: It looks like it’s based off the Bitbucket “Organization ID”. I don’t like this.

Hi @Scott , and welcome to the CircleCI community!

You are right; the organization name is indeed inherited from the VCS.

Where in Bitbucket are you looking for the organization name?

Note: The Bitbucket elements that translate into an organizations in CircleCI are [Bitbucket workspaces](What is a workspace? | Bitbucket Cloud | Atlassian Support).

In this case, are we talking about a Bitbucket personal workspace (i.e, the one that was automatically created with your Bitbucket account), or is it an additional workspace that you manually created?

If you made a change to the name of a Bitbucket workspace and not seing it reflected in the CircleCI UI, it could simply be a sync issue.

Have you tried refreshing permissions?

In case the discrepancy remains, please perform a full re-authentication, as described here.

Let me know if the above information helps.