Can't see more than 20 workflows in the UI

Hi there, we currently have more than 20 parallel workflows in our pipeline but the UI only shows 20. We use approval steps in UI so not being able to see a workflow is a problem.

Is there any way to see more than 20 workflows in the UI?


This looks to be fixed now. That was quick. Thanks!

p.s. one of our engineers still only saw 20 and after log out/in he can see all of the workflows. Not sure if this is solved or if there’s some recurring bug in the UI.

This is happening to my team and no amount of logging out and logging back in seems to be helping. I’m assuming Circle released a new UI that broke this. The API still sees all the workflows, but that isn’t helpful when our teams need to be able to click on approval jobs in the workflows.

Thank you for pointing this out @kdubkris! We’re looking into it and have a fix on the way. In the meantime, the single pipeline page is your best option.