Max number of workflows per config

I am getting an error when validating the config.yml. The error just started today without any changes to the config file. This is the error
ERROR IN CONFIG FILE: [#/workflows] maximum size: [101], found: [222] SCHEMA: maxProperties: 101

I am not sure why this error started happening and I am curious if this is a new change to the config validation because I have been using the same config file for weeks now without an issue.

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Hi Kyle,

This is indeed a new change to config validation, we’re sorry for breaking your build. We previously had no upper limit to the number of workflows in 2.1 config (outside of total config size), which was problematic for a number of reasons.

We’re interested in your use-case for this many workflows, so we’d appreciate if you could share more details with us.

Happy building,


Hi we are facing the same issue and we are now blocked from deploying to our production site by an arbitrary validation rule.

Is there a suggested short term workaround for this?
We have a monorepo with many different services that are being deployed by individual workflows.

Is there a reason this validation was added as immediately blocking? Can it be changed to a warning so we have time to transition?


We are now temporarily rolling back this change so our customers can keep building, and we can assess the appropriate maximum value.

Apologies for this inconvenience.



Thank you for the response. The use case we are solving is that we want to execute tests against a number of databases that store data as it moves through the stages of our data platform. There are currently 5 stages, where each stage has 3 environments. There are a number of clients and we want to be able to execute tests for each client, stage, and environment combination. Each of these ends up being a workflow. So we end up with a large number of workflows. We could probably leverage the API to enable more flexibility in triggering builds but we are not yet using it.

Thank you! Our builds are working again.

I was having trouble finding any announcement or documentation around the change to the maximum number of allowed workflows. Is there a place where this information can be found? In the future it would be nice to know about such changes that may impact our build system.

This sounds like you could make use of matrix jobs,which we added

FWIW we have rolled back the limit in question and are rethinking it
right now. There is still going to be an upper limit on the number of
workflows in a pipeline soon.

I’m now getting the error “Max number of workflows exceeded.” but can find no documentation on these limits.

Please let me know where I can find out a) what they are and b) why these are set


Hi @kalpaitch! It could be related to setup workflows (explained in this Support article). If not, we might need a little more detail about your config.