Cannot load workflows - Request URI too long

I cannot display workflows, likely a cookie issue as accessing it in Incognito works.

exceed max line 4096

Request URL:
Request Method:POST
Status Code:414 Request-URI Too Long
Remote Address:
Referrer Policy:no-referrer-when-downgrade

Just saw the same issue. Seems to happen in Chrome, but not in Safari.

Any plan to fix that? Or even acknowledge it after 5 months :confused:

Thanks for the update on this issue. We’re aware of it and have an internal ticket about it. It’s not a trivial fix though.

There is a workaround: delete all cookies. In Chrome you can go to chrome://settings/siteData?search=cookie and search for to delete just cookies from our domain.

(I just created this:

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thanks for your response! It’s always a bit frustrating not to receive any feedback on a bug report - I have seen few tickets on that topic

Yep - thanks for the feedback. We’re working on getting more CircleCI staff time on this forum so improvements are coming :slight_smile:

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