"Cannot parse step" error when orb including (many?) conditional steps


I encountered a strange error when I making orb.

Local testing (using orb-tools/test-in-builds) was passed, but smoke testing (using test repo) is failed…


https://circleci.com/gh/sue445/circleci-ruby-orbs-test/225 says “Cannot parse step”, but orb is valid…

Error config

Source of sue445/ruby-orbs@dev:6c8f5340a25b6b325920f88c12e42ad99eec05e is following.

Successful config

I commented out some conditional steps, so test is passed.

Source of sue445/ruby-orbs@dev:7dd60f84b9d036e5f99feebd74e6b3eb86fc2ca1 is following.

These two differences are commented out of conditional steps.

I imagine that config couldn’t be parsed if many conditional steps are contained in a orb.

Do you think?

We’ve pushed a fix for this. Can you try again?

Thank you ! I confirmed this problem is resolved :grin: