Error uploading workspace archive: not supported

Trying to put together an orb for the first time. I’ve got some basic functionality in place and am trying to run the pack action per the “Local Orb Validate” section of the docs at One of the options given is to execute

circleci local execute --job orb-tools/pack

Creation of the orb works, but a failure is encountered “Persisting to workspace”:

====>> Checkout code
Making checkout directory "/home/circleci/project"
Copying files from "/tmp/_circleci_local_build_repo" to "/home/circleci/project"
====>> Packing orb source
  #!/bin/bash -eo pipefail
mkdir -p "$ORB_PARAM_OUTPUT_DIR" && circleci orb pack --skip-update-check "$ORB_PARAM_SOURCE_DIR" >"${ORB_PARAM_OUTPUT_DIR}orb.yml"

====>> Validating orb
  #!/bin/bash -eo pipefail
circleci orb validate --skip-update-check "${ORB_PARAM_OUTPUT_DIR}orb.yml"

Orb at `./dist/orb.yml` is valid.
====>> Persisting to workspace
Creating workspace archive...

Uploading workspace archive...
Error uploading workspace archive: not supported

Step failed
Error: runner failed (exited with 101)
Task failed
Error: task failed

I thought I might have found it but didn’t. Per the CircleCI interface, the error

Use of setup workflows must be enabled in project settings (Project settings > Advanced -> Dynamic config using setup workflows)

is given. However, updating that setting had no bearing.