Step type "jq/install" is not a valid type

step type “jq/install” is not a valid type.

i am using v2. tried to v2.1 sam problem. how to troubleshoot further.

Hi @jitendrachopra welcome to the CircleCI Community!

Would it be possible to provide further context as to what you’re hoping to run? Based on your mention of jq/install, you’re likely attempting to use the circleci/jq orb but let me know if not.

Can you confirm you’ve invoked the orb near the top of your configuration file:

  jq: circleci/jq@2.2.0

Additionally, are you running the jq/install step on the job-level of your config.yml as such:

      - image: your-image
      - checkout
      - jq/install

Feel free to share your configuration file here so we can take a closer look, removing any sensitive information as needed. If you would prefer to not share your configuration file over Discuss, you can also submit a request to our Support team.