Cannot download build artifacts as of Nov. 16, 2017

It sits for 5-15 seconds and then responds with “Java heap space”.

Needless to say we need this resolved ASAP.

Hi Josh,

Can you please share more information, a specific artifacts link that you are trying to load would be most useful. If you don’t feel comfortable sharing this on a public site please open a support ticket



I created a support ticket with that info. (Curiously, clicking “support” in the product brings me here…)

We are getting timeouts on random pages in the app right now.

25 AM

Hi Josh,

there are two unrelated issues here, we flipped to a new backend service for serving artifacts about 5 hours ago, we’ve since flipped back and all artifacts should be served correctly now.

There’s also a separate issue affecting web request latency,


I see that the artifact is coming down now. But our deploy scripts still fail because we can’t ask for a list of available artifacts.

This has been a pretty frustrating morning.

Hi, we have recently modified a job to package our assets to a tarball file, except this time the file becomes much larger due to Rails asset precompilation (348 MB). We are now experiencing the same Java heap space issue. When we attempt to retrieve an older artifact without these extra assets (148 MB), we have no issues. Could there be a file size limit on downloading artifacts?

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