Artifacts not showing up




our builds are no longer collecting artifacts correctly. They seem to be running out of memory or something like that. When I look at the artifact tab I see a file /tmp/memory-usage.txt that includes a “ps” output. I’d include the file here but it has a lot of curl requests with AWS keys visible. What do you recommend that we do?



Hey! Is this a public project? If so can you paste the build URL?


Its not a public project unfortunately. how else can I share the info?


No worries, if your project is running out of memory the best place to start is this doc. Did you get a chance to look at this yet?


the build and test phase is running fine, no OOM issues. Its the circleci artifact uploader that is OOMing. the memory-usage.txt files shows curl uploads to the circleci artifact s3 bucket.


Oh i see, that makes more sense (but looks like a bug on our end), can you PM me the build URL so I can take a closer look?


sure, but I don’t see an a way to PM in the Discuss UI. what am I missing?


Click on person’s name, click message :smile:


Hi Bassam,

You need to turn on Maven Surefire Plugin in pov.xml file to see artifacts.

Go to Pov.xml and search for maven-surefire-plugin .

You wiil see below snippet of code on it

<> version>2.11</ version>

Remove below 3 lines to activate surfire-plugin


After doing this i believe , you will be able to see artifacts .