Artifact file extension

It seems to be that recently when I download an artifact from the circleci web ui, it does not include a file extension. This seems pretty bad. Is this something you intended? Please leave the .log or the .txt on the end of my artifacts. Thanks.

Hello @nroose

Do you have a public build you would be able to share? The Artifact should be downloaded with the extension that was provided when the file was saved. Do you see a file extension on the file in the artifacts tab before you download it? Any information you can provide, such as screenshots, or links, would be helpful in attempting to resolve this.

I don’t have a public build. Sorry.

It seems to be only files with .log extensions. And only in FireFox. In chrome, if I click on the file, it displays it. If I save as, it saves it with the extension. In FireFox it downloads it without the extension when I click on it and when I do save as. Perhaps it’s a firefox bug? What file type are you adding and what other metadata are you supplying? Not sure if I can see that easily in the browser when it downloads it. It seems like there are 2 redirects and then a download.

I would recommend contacting support if you are able to share more information privately this way. We should be able to investigate the issue and identify any bugs if they exist.