Can I see how many build minutes a team has left, even though I am not a BitBucket admin?

I am used to using CircleCI on my own. However, I have recently introduced the free tier into a development team, partly because I am used to it and I needed a flexible CI solution, and partly to encourage my colleagues to use more CI.

However, I cannot see any way to see how many minutes of our free allowance we have used per month. I assume this is restricted to users who are admins of the VCS. However, I don’t imagine this is particularly sensitive information, so if it is not presently shown to non-admins, is that an achievable feature request?

Further to this, if I can use the API to calculate this information, either by fetching a single endpoint, or fetching one endpoint per historical build and adding up individual usages, that would be OK.

I am still seeking an answer to this. Does anybody know?

Hi Jon,

This would be best answered by

For now, I think you would have to math with the start and top times for jobs from the API for the project.

I appreciate your helpfulness, but there are now three copies! :smile_cat:

There was another copy (what would be a fourth) at some point, but a CircleCI employee deleted one at my request.

Would you delete two more, so that only one is left?

Getting all merged into

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