Builds timing out

Hi Support, I’m opening this ticket because we’re seeing that none of the deploys we’re doing is finishing properly; when looking at the errors, we see that the deploy throws an error:
command ./bin/push took more than 10 minutes since last output
This is one of the deploys

Please, can you post your answers having CC’ed so I can keep track of the status in my work email?


Any updates?

If you SSH into the build and run the step manually do you get any additional logging?

Hey Levlaz,

I am having the same error message as above, but when I SSH into the container the test commands works just fine and does not stop -> timeout. What could be the problem?

I’ve also started seeing this issue today. A lot of our builds have been timing out even thought they clearly have not been inactive for 10mins. Have there been any timeout changes?