Bad implementation in build timeout for "no output"

My “release” workflow had been continuously outputting text for the first 10 minutes - it iterates over ~3,400 commits and determines a release tag version, then it creates a release on GitHub. Following that, the next step should have taken about 2 minutes to output some text - however the build timed out and I got the error “Too long with no output (exceeded 10m0s)”. This leads me to believe that it is only checking the total build time elapsed.

I think the build should check for the 10 minutes in the sense of how long it has been since the last output instead of looking at total time elapsed since the build started.

For now, I will be increasing the build timeout. But if a fix for this goes in, I won’t need to specify a longer timeout :slight_smile:

Could you provide us with a build link for this please? If it’s a link you’d rather keep private then please go ahead and raise a support ticket.

Thanks for the response!

Here’s a link to one of the builds: Build 2309

Let me know if there’s an issue viewing it.

Based on the timestamps in the logs, this step spent 30 seconds running things, then got stuck - and the 10 minutes later it was aborted.

I think this is working correctly - the timeout is intended to catch tasks which got stuck and ensure they don’t keep running when they’re not going to complete.