“Build was cancelled” in redis database service container


am running redis container as a service container to actually carryout my testing(pytest).
after configuring redis as a secondary container, redis is pulled and run, but then is cancelled saying “Build was cancelled”.

my test require redis to be running atleast for the entire duration of the job. hence my tests are failing.

Here is a screenshot attached for more information below;

Hi, this is normal. Service containers are cancelled at the end of the job as part of the clean-up. If you look at the duration of the service container step, it will match, or be slightly longer than, the total job time. If there was an error with the service container, a crash for example, then the service container step would show as failed rather than cancelled.

Likely the tests are failing due to a config issue. For the best experience with service container, I would suggest using the ones we provide as they are tested for compatibility with CircleCI:

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