Branch not building

We have recently merged into a branch that should be kicking off a build, but the last build was 5 days ago. If you have access to our account, the branch is x-pipeline and you should be able to find the details from that.
I’m about to manually kick off a build, but this is a serious issue because that is our release branch. How should I be debugging this - for example? There are no errors …

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Same problem here. Branch isn’t kicking off a build.

GitHub was not sending us Webhooks (that they are calling notifications)

We are monitoring.

How can I trigger a manual build of that workflow in the meantime? Do I have to curl something? Hopefully I can do it from the web interface …

The Trigger a new Build by Project (preview) API endpoint should allow you to kick off the workflow

Ok thanks Joe

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You said 5 days, so your issue may be different. Let me know if that don’t work and I can take a look.

That was the last time we released, before this morning. Safe to say it’s the same issue - thanks.

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In other words, that was the last merge into the branch. So no builds would have been expected between then and the merge from an hour ago

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Got it, thanks for clarifying :slight_smile:

A useful script to manually trigger builds on arbitrary projects / branches as a workaround:

#!/bin/bash -e

# Usage:
#   1. set $CIRCLE_API_TOKEN
#   2. run `./trigger-build <account> <oroject> [<branch>]`
#   For
#       trigger_build iambob myfirstproject
#   ... will build master
_account=$1 # e.g. github user name or organization name
_project=$2  # e.g. my_repo_name
_branch=${3:-"master"}   #optional, defaults to master.


echo "Triggering build of $_project ($_branch)."
post_data="{ \"branch\": \"${_branch}\"}"

curl -s \
--header "Accept: application/json" \
--header "Content-Type: application/json" \
--data "${post_data}" \
-request POST "${trigger_build_url}"

Thank you for sharing!