/bin/circle-android file permissions changed

I’m having some issues to run my build without any change in my configuration:
My configuration is using the image circleci/android:api-26-alpha
And now I’m getting this error:
“/bin/circle-android: Permission denied”

Using this image circleci/android:api-26-alpha@sha256:f6f9aff7963a62461eabb6c91b5b4a220f1806a666254ec02c3c77d442ef118f the build is running fine, and the permissions of that file are rwxr-xr-x root root, which is fine because the circleci user can run it.

However, if I use the latest image circleci/android@sha256:aa1c13aa47b2d43b759bd46286f45d026ac2081d5a508745cb2fab520e13f144 I cannot use that script. The permissions of it are rw------- root root, so the circle ci user cannot execute it.

Why did you change it?

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Can you try a chmod rx+g circle-android in an early run step?

It didn’t work, circleci user has not permissions to change it
chmod: changing permissions of '/bin/circle-android': Operation not permitted

Try using sudo? :smiley_cat:

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Oh I didn’t know that I could use the sudo command.
That worked!
Thanks for your help Halfer!

BTW: If someone has the same issue, the task that I added is:

        - run:
            name: Change circle-android script file permissions
            command: sudo chmod +rx /bin/circle-android
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