Chmod: cannot access './gradlew': No such file or directory

Hi this is my config.yml for my Android project

Java Gradle CircleCI 2.0 configuration file

Check for more details

version: 2
# specify the version you desire here
- image: circleci/android:api-28-alpha

  # Specify service dependencies here if necessary
  # CircleCI maintains a library of pre-built images
  # documented at
  # - image: circleci/postgres:9.4

working_directory: ~/code

  # Customize the JVM maximum heap limit
  JVM_OPTS: -Xmx3200m
  TERM: dumb

  - checkout

  # Download and cache dependencies
  - restore_cache:
      key: jars-{{ checksum "build.gradle" }}-{{ checksum  "app/build.gradle" }}

  - run:
      name: Chmod permissions #if permission for Gradlew Dependencies fail, use this.
      command: sudo chmod +x ./gradlew
  - run:
      name: Download Dependencies
      command: ./gradlew androidDependencies

  - save_cache:
        - ~/.gradle
      key: v1-dependencies-{{ checksum "build.gradle" }}

and for this script i’am getting
chmod: cannot access ‘./gradlew’: No such file or directory
can anyone please help me