Best way to pause continuous deployment job in workflow

Hi folks,

We currently use CI 2.0 workflows to build and deploy our containers to our kubernetes environment. Deployments happen automatically whenever a PR is merged to master. Sometimes, we need to be able to pause deployments - either there’s an issue with master, our production stack or we’re in maintenance mode.

Without having to modify .circle/config.yaml - any ideas on how to quickly turn off one portion of our workflow? We are happy for containers to still be built and tested etc.

I assume that you mean you don’t want to modify the config every time, which is understandable. The below requires the modification of your config once.

Conditional sections appeared in version 2.1, they might be worth looking into. I assume that can test anything, so just make a string appear in a public place - e.g. Git repo, GitHub pages, etc. You could create a console program to set this value quickly e.g. deployments on|off.

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