Continuous Delivery support


Your config file allows different deployment setting for branches, thus following Continuous Deployment practice - deploy everything. However it forces me to use Gitflow-like branching model, which I don’t like because it excessively couples stateless code with deployment, making rollbacks really hard.

I prefer Continuous Delivery model, where development is done on master branch (with feature branches), and only selected commits gets deployed to production environment. Imagine build pipelines such as on this image

Is it possible to set up CircleCI to support Continuous Delivery model with development on master branch and manually triggered deployments?


This is becoming a must-have feature for us as well. Pipelines are critical for modern deployments. GoCI, Jenkins, GitLab, all support pipelines. I’d hate to have to switch. Any word if this feature is on the road map?

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Any updates on this?

We are looking closely at expanding our deployment support as well as expanding the first-class semantics of our configuration to make it simpler to do things that today can be accomplished with scripting and/or integration with other tools. As a general principle we don’t like to make any promises about dates for features until they are ready to be used by our customers, so we will post updates on these forums when we have more tangible news to share.

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+1 for Deployment Pipelines. Circle has been awesome for us for CI but at this moment we are looking for Continuous Delivery and we would love to use Circle for CD as well.

+1. This would be really useful!