API v2 & New UI: Scheduled pipelines not shown



I’m trying to monitor my pipelines using the API v2. In my configuration, I have some workflows that are executed in a schedule (every 30 minutes or so). They appear in the old experience of CircleCI, but they don’t appear either in the New UI nor in the new API v2 (At least in the API v2 I have not been able to find it).

I just want to check if it is something that I am doing wrong with the API, or if it is something that is not working yet and it is in the roadmap.

I’m new on this Discuss CicleCI Forum, so if you have any advice or recommendation, please don’t hesitate to share.

Thank you!

Hi there, we are currently working on bringing scheduled workflows into the Pipelines fold. Right now, scheduled workflows exist outside Pipelines so aren’t visible in the Pipeline-oriented APIs or UI.

As I say, we are working on this right now, and hope to begin a gradual rollout “soon” (no promises!), at which point you will start to see Pipelines created for your scheduled runs and they will appear in both the v2 API and the new UI.


Hi Gordon,

Cool, thanks for the info. I will keep the track of it.


This is starting to roll out at the moment, it’s per-project so you may see scheduled pipelines for some projects and not others for the next few days, until we hit a 100% roll out (modulo any need to roll back).