Any documentation on the GraphQL API?

I’m just trying to get my last builds and possibly the error messages of the failures if any. the circleci cli comes with the query command so I might as well use it.

but there doesn’t seem to be any kind of documentation except the one integrated inside graphql.

but using the graphql browser I’m getting 500 errors

Assert failed: (string? query)

still got the introspection to give me something (from circleci query) but it’s not easily readable :)

There is no public facing GraphQL API just yet.


thanks, but then why is the cli telling me to use the graphql api when there is a rest api? also the graphql api seems to work fine from the cli, I just don’t know the correct request needed to have the data I want.

I guess I will have to do my own research then :) (or just use the REST API :D)

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Because it’s a work in progress. As Lev says, it’s not public currently and subject to change. The REST API is the supported one, but if you want to research and use the GraphQL one, just be aware it may change under you with no warning :slight_smile:


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