"circleci config process" fails with pipeline-parameters


We updated circleci-cli to v0.1.22100 which was released yesterday.
In new cli, circleci config process command fails if the pipeline-parameters option is provided.
Here is the error message.

Error: invalid character 'I' looking for beginning of value

Exited with code exit status 255

(the response body from API is “Invalid input”)

According to the PR merged yesterday, it seems that the API to compile config was replaced with a new one (new URL: “https://api.circleci.com/api/v2/compile-config-with-defaults”, protocol: REST (originally GraphQL)). So, I assume that the new API cannot parse pipeline parameters properly.
Is the new API compatible with pipeline-parameters option?


Hello @ebiryu

Thanks for the feedback! I tried to reproduce the problem but was did not find any error. Do you still have the problem with the latest version? If yes can you provide a minimal reproducible example of yaml?

Thanks in advance