Announcing new feature availability to edit identity provider

Announcing new feature functionality to allow users to self-serve their VCS connections. If receiving the error users are now able to disconnect their account and join another:

The identity provided by your VCS service is already associated with a different account

Why are we introducing this feature? In the past, customers have not been able to delete their VCS connection with CircleCI. When issues arise, like joining the wrong organization, or connecting with the wrong Github user, changes to organization name, or just general permissions issues customers would request a deletion and Technical Support would have to run an admin command.

We have now enabled customers to self serve this function through the users account integrations page. Upon disconnect confirmation the user is redirected back to our login page.


  • This has only been implemented for Classic organizations. We will be starting a similar set of connect and disconnect options for Stand Alone (such as GitLab) organizations next.
  • Your personal API tokens could be invalidated by this change.