Android Unity project configuration

Hello. I have android application that is made in Unity Engine. I store it on bitbucket repository. I asking for help me with configuration .yml file, i need to run test writed in Unity and after that build application to .apk. Is it possible?

I try to find some related topic about Unity in CircleCi but it was about MacOs and im using Win. Im not sure is this important information, but better to write it.


I expect it is possible, yes. I don’t build for Android, but the process of running tests and making builds is (generally) the same on CircleCI as it is locally. Can you install the binary that does these things in a CircleCI config?

So actual my .yml file download UnityEditor and AndroidSupport for unity. But I can download UnityEditor only in Win or Mac vesion (i decide to download .exe). And now is where I had have problem, how to install .exe file in circleCi unix?

Assuming you are using Linux build machines, you can’t do that. Indeed, your editor probably has an Android compiler it uses, but I expect compilation does not actually need an editor. It may be worth researching how this is done:

  • on Linux
  • on the command line without an editor

To play around with how to do this, you could install something like VirtualBox with Ubuntu, and see if you can compile your project there. All of that is free to download and use.

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