Allow sending title (commit message) when triggering pipeline in API v2

Our stack consists of a big monorepo where the pipelines for each project is conditionally triggered via the API v2 (POST /project/{project-slug}/pipeline). The authentication only allows a user API token (instead of a project API token). That means that for the developer it looks like the workflow was triggered by the one that owns the API token, resulting in that we have to create a bot user that holds the API token (to not spam a single developer).
The workflows also has an empty title (commit message) in the UI. That’s quite bad for the UX to track what workflows where triggered for what commit. So…

  1. It would be nice to be able to pass the commit message in the payload when triggering the pipeline.
  2. It would also be nice to be able to set the user for the triggered pipeline (other than the one that owns the API token), so the UI shows who originally initiated the workflows that were triggered.

Mainly, what I’m asking for is being more easily able to track what triggered the pipeline (or who triggered it)

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I have the same issue. Setting x-attribution-actor-id as per the API docs didn’t seem to do anything either…


over in Correct usage of x-attribution-actor-id / x-attribution-login @fernfernfern replied saying these headers are for internal CircleCI use only. SO doesn’t look like we can set these attributes.

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Still no solution to this? It has been years. We can’t send a title, a commit message, the author of the commit, nothing! This is crazy. When you use the Circle API to trigger pipelines all you can see is that the pipeline was triggered. Totally anonymous and unhelpful.