How to set more data for a job triggered by the API


So I followed this guide to trigger jobs via the API

The thing is the triggered jobs in CircleCI app are shown as this image

As you can see jobs with #969-972 does not have any comments or helpful information.

My question is, can I add some information about the jobs that will be shown in the CircleCI Website (like changing their name, or adding some comments) and is it possible to actually put them in the same workflow so they are also shown in the same “Workflow” page as the job that called the API on a first place?

I’m guessing I should pass some build parameters but I fail to succeed for now.

Hi hbk,

Welcome to CircleCI Discuss! Using the v2 API, you can also trigger an entire project’s pipeline, rather than a single job:

Will that achieve what you are looking for?


Not really. Let’s say I have Job A,B,C, and D. Job A starts and decides which of the other jobs will be run, it may be only B, it may be B and C or B and C and D. Now I don’t know for way to trigger to jobs internally so I decided to call the API for that. Everything works but it is really annoying that when calling the job I cannot tell it that it is actually part of another flow rather than letting it create a completely new one.

My use case is that job A is a bash script that depending on the code that have been changed it runs only the needed jobs (because that solution is a mono repo)

Thank you.